Cork and Ross pilgrims after the catechesis on ThursdayCork and Ross pilgrims after the catechesis on Thursday

The pilgrims were blessed on Thursday when they were blessed to see Pope Francis pass by them directly!

It was such a joy to see the Pope travel through the hundreds and thousands who gathered. In his welcome he gave the young people this message:

"We are called by God. We are loved. Also remind everyone of the beauty of being loved by God and treasured. Also ask questions of Jesus who is expecting us to speak frequently with him these days. Stay connected to him and his life - for in this way our joy will increase. I wish you a happy World Youth Day" - Pope Francis, Lisbon 3.8.23

On Friday, the Cork and Ross pilgrim's travelled to Bishop Fintan's catechesis on Friday morning, where they had adoration and reconciliation followed by Mass. They attended the Stations of the Cross at Parque Eduardo with Pope Francis in attendance.

The pilgrims are currently making their way to the evening vigil, where they will be camping out under the stars ahead of Pope Francis' Mass tomorrow morning.

Thanks to all those praying for the pilgrims back in Cork, the fruits of your prayers are showing in Lisbon!

 Cork and Ross Pilgrims travelling to tonight's vigilCork and Ross Pilgrims travelling to tonight's vigil