Prayers for 21 July (16th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Introduction (by the Presider) Like a shepherd, the Lord continues to care for us, so we pray with confidence:

  1. For the pastors of God’s people — that they may be good shepherds (pause a moment for silent prayer). Lord, hear us
  2. For those who work too hard — that they may find space and time for leisure (pause, then..) Lord, hear us.
  3. For the safety of travellers — on the roads and on the water (pause, then..) Lord, hear us.
  4. For an end to war and terror — let there be peace, around the world (pause, then..) Lord, hear us.
  5. For the protection and safety of refugees (pause, then..) Lord, hear us.
  6. For those we love and care for — particularly our friends who are sick (pause for silent prayer). Lord, hear us

The presider prays for all who have died For those whose life in this world is over (especially N & N) that they may dwell in God’s house forever (pause a moment for silent prayer..) Lord, hear us.

Conclusion (by the Presider) O God, our Shepherd, your goodness and kindness help us every day: hear our prayers and be with us in our needs, through Christ our Lord. Amen.