A message to all Parishes from Bishop Fintan Gavin

The time has come, I believe, to remove the last remaining covid restrictions.

Wearing of Face Coverings No Longer Necessary
It is no longer required to wear a face covering while distributing Holy Communion for either priests or Ministers of the Eucharist. It is now possible for Ministers of the Eucharist to receive under both species at Mass. You might ensure to let your Ministers of the Eucharist know about this.

Lifting of Last Remaining Covid RestrictionsLifting of Last Remaining Covid Restrictions

Removal of Covid Notices in Churches and Parish Centres
Covid notices and stickers in relation to social distancing and the wearing of face coverings should be removed from church seats, notice boards etc.

Reception of Holy Communion on the Hand and on the Tongue
The faithful have a right to receive Holy Communion either on the hand or on the tongue. This is to be facilitated by all priests and Ministers of the Eucharist.

Taking Up of Offertory and Second Collections
It is important that all offertory and separate second collections are restored and taken up as in pre covid times during the celebration.

As we continue to live with covid we have to find new ways of rebuilding our communities. Therefore, it is important that all ministries such as Minister of the Word, Minister of the Eucharist, choirs, cantors, altar servers are restored and refreshed.

I hope that the removal of these last few remaining restrictions will enable us to celebrate together as welcoming faith communities.

I thank you for your collaboration and generosity.

Your sincerely in Christ

✠ Fintan Gavin
Bishop of Cork and Ross