The Annual Cork Eucharistic Procession is a milestone in the religious and community life of Cork City since 1926

Each year people from parishes and faith communities throughout the city and beyond walk in the procession or prayerfully participate along the route as the Bishop carries the Blessed Sacrament from the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne to the city centre.

This year will be the 98th celebration of the Cork Eucharistic Procession as we look forward to its 100th anniversary in 2026. Last year people gathered in their thousands to join the first Cork Eucharistic Procession since 2019 due to Covid. This year we hope even more will join us.

Preparations are underway for several months to reach out to many people (particularly young people), parishes, and faith groups to ensure a dignified and prayerful celebration. A programme has been created for primary schools to share the meaning and history of the Eucharistic Procession with children and to encourage them to be part of the procession with their families. Post-primary school students have also been invited to take part this year.

Choirs and music groups throughout the Diocese are invited to join one great choir to raise up voices together in the procession.

I am very grateful to the many people who have helped with the preparations.

I invite you to join the procession on Sunday, May 26th to walk together in faith as people and families from different parishes, age-groups, communities and countries.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
✠ Fintan Gavin
Bishop of Cork and Ross

98th Eucharistic Procession - Sun 26 May 202498th Cork Eucharistic Procession - Sun 26 May 2024

What is a Eucharistic Procession?

It is a solemn religious event where Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is publicly displayed and processed through the streets. It is a beautiful expression of faith and devotion, dating back centuries in Catholic

What does it mean for Catholics?

The procession is a profound opportunity to publicly witness our belief that the Eucharist is not just a sign or a symbol, but truly is Jesus, God-with-us. It is a time for us to reflect on this central mystery of the Catholic faith, and to deepen our communion with Jesus and one another.

What does it mean for Cork?

The first procession for all parishes of Cork City took place in 1926 to help unite the people in prayer after the divisions of the Civil War. It holds special significance today as a way to bring people together to celebrate their shared faith and heritage. It is an opportunity for the community to unite in prayer and thanksgiving, and to honour Jesus in the Eucharist.

How can I take part in the Eucharistic Procession?

Participation in the Eucharistic Procession is open to all who wish to join us. Simply gather at the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne shortly before 3pm on Sunday, May 26th.

You will be invited to walk before the Blessed Sacrament and to join in the hymns, prayers and reflections. Bishop Fintan will lead us in Benediction when we reach the Church of Ss. Peter and Paul.

The Route

The Procession will begin at 3.00pm from the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne (North Cathedral) and proceed via Roman Street, Christy Ring Bridge, Academy Street and St. Patrick Street to Ss. Peter and
Paul’s Church, Paul Street.

You are welcome to join us at the Cathedral or along the route.



Bishop Fintan Gavin explains the annual Cork City Corpus Christi Procession