The new website for the Diocese has been launched ahead of time

Not Quite Ready!!!

Although it was planned to publish this new website for the Diocese of Cork & Ross during the month of September the decision has been made to launch it before it is ready.  This is due to a major technical fault with the previous website and it was decided it was better to have an incomplete website rather than none at all.

All of the Parishes are here including the newly formed Families of Parishes.  However, there is plenty more work to do like adding all the Priests.  So could we ask two things...

  1. Please bear with us as we work to recover the information and update this website
  2. If you spot an error or anything that needs correcting, please Email the Webmaster

We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

But having this hope for what we cannot yet see, we are able to wait for it with persevering confidence  (Romans: 8:25)