Bishop Fintan Gavin and Bishop Nowakowski the New Apostolic VisitorBishop Fintan Gavin and Bishop Nowakowski the New Apostolic Visitor

The migration of large numbers of Ukranian people to Ireland has prompted the Ukranian Catholic Church to conduct an assessment of their spiritual needs and how these may be met.

This has involved a visit to Ireland by Ukranian Catholic clergy and the appointment by Pope Francis of Reverend Kenneth Nowakowski, who is the Eparchial Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London, as the Apostolic Visitor for Ukrainian Catholics in Ireland. (An eparchy is a term used for a diocese.)

Bishop Fintan Gavin of the Diocese of Cork and Ross recently hosted a visit to the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne, Cork, by Bishop Nowakowski and other Ukranian clergy who also met other Irish bishops.

There is currently one Ukrainian Catholic parish in Ireland located in Dublin with Fr Vasyl Korentsky assigned to serving Ukrainian Catholics in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

At the time of his new appointment in July this year, Bishop Nowakowski said “With the recent arrival of thousands displaced Ukrainians fleeing harm’s way since the 24 February invasion of Ukraine by Russia, I hope to work very closely with the Roman Catholic Bishops of Ireland and Northern Ireland in seeking ways to respond in positive ways to the humanitarian and pastoral needs of the growing Ukrainian Community.”