Yes there is a handful of people

Yes there is a handful of people on Shadsworth who spend their money/benefits on wine,cannabis and other drugs, which could be spent on carpets, wall paper, curtains,birthday and christmas presents, and clothes,etc etc however there are affluent estates such as Wilpshire, brockhall village, Langho where alcohol and drugs are a problem too. Living on Shadsworth or any other council does not give a person a predisposition to not having any high aspirations or problems with drugs and behaving inappropriate. It’s about attitude and being positive. I would like to say a big thank you to all Shadsworth residents who have contributed and dedicated your lives to improving the lives of others through these difficult times, when government funding is being cut. Well Bloody done and keep up the hard work. Thank you from me and lots of other residents who appreciate their efforts, and stay positive don’t let the negative people bring you down.

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