It’s going to take a champion

“It’s going to take a champion, like the champions around this table, to be strong in your convictions to protect agricultural land,” he told councillors. “I know it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to hear screaming from your constituents, you’re going to hear screaming from the developers.

Mr. Harniman, an avid collector of vintage and muscle cars once gave Mr. Norris a Thundercar to race at Sunset Speedway. So far, the concept is working: the first 1,000 Ringly rings, which debuted in June, sold out within 24 hours. Parker, who knows firsthand how confusing it can be for people to track which meds to take when, especially if they fill multiple prescriptions. That why the e pharmacy he runs now, PillPack, doesn traffic in bottles.

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Parks officials say there are no plans to repair and restart O water fountain, which might attract more women and children. Means you have given up as a society, Garvin says. You can make a park a place that residents of the city want to go to, you are declaring defeat.

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