Baptism Ceremony Checklist

  • Most parishes have a set day and time for the celebration of Baptism. This reduces the risk of clashes with other events at the church, e.g. funerals.
  • Most parishes require that Baptism be booked at least one week in advance. Contact one of the clergy of the parish.
    (See parish page for listings.)
  • While there’s no guarantee that your child won’t cry during the ceremony, it may help if the child is fed just before coming to the church. Bring an extra feed and/or soother in case the baby get upset during the ceremony.
  • Bring a Baptismal candle
    (preferably a new one for this child. It will be needed again at the child’s First Communion and Confirmation.)
  • A white garment (shawl or Christening robe) which will be put on during the ceremony.
    (This is not worn by the child on arrival at the church. The child may be wearing coloured garments on arrival.)
  • It is customary to give an offering to the priest. Local tradition suggests that this is done by the godparents, however, it is the parents who ask for Baptism for their child.
  • In some parishes you may be asked to bring a Birth Certificate for the baby, especially if you are not known to the person registering the Baptism.