Mgr. Augustine Maguire PP


Parish Of Birth
South Parish

Colleges Attended
Irish College, Paris France

Details Of Ordination

South Parish PP : 04/1890 – 6/11/1899

Ballincollig PP : 1872 – 04/1890

Ss. Peter & Paul’s CC : 01/1857 – 1872

Ministry Abroad/Chaplain, Crimean War : 3/9/1855 – 1857

Ss. Peter & Paul’s CC : 1850 – 1855

Chaplain, Union Workhouse : 1847 – 1850

Chaplain, Sisters of Mercy/Cork : 1847 – 1850

He was the younger brother of John Francis Maguire M.P., the founder-editor of the Cork Examiner.

Speaking to the Cork Examiner on the 20th. October 1896, he said that his experiences as Chaplain at the Scutari Hospital – Florence Nightengale’s base, during the Crimean War (1853-1856) were trivial when compared to what he experienced while working as a Chaplain in the Workhouse during the Famine… . “The smoke of battle, the blood, the maimed and dying, did not affect him like the sight of his fellow-countrymen -fellow citizens, dropping dead by the roadside, carried off by the starvation and fever……”.

For a further insight into the life, times and work of Mgr. Maguire, we would recommend:- A history of the Diocese of Cork, the Episcopate of William Delany 1847 – 1886, by Evelyn Bolster p. 5; 10; 13; 115; 142; 228; 230.

The Sisters of Mercy did heroic work in the Crimean War nursing the sick and wounded under conditions that are impossible to imagine today. For an insight into the work of the Sisters of Mercy during the Crimean War we would recommend: The Sisters of Mercy in the Crimean War, by Evelyn Bolster, The Mercier Press, Cork (1964).

Appointed Canon of the Cathedral Chapter in 1865.
Appointed Papal Prelate with title of Monsignor in 1896.

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
London, England

Place Of Burial
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cork

His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. O’Callaghan, Bishop of Cork was the celebrant of the Solemn Requiem Mass at St. Finbarr’s South. The deacon was, Fr. John Daly, C.C., St. Finbarr’s South; sub-deacon was, Fr. Timothy Murray, C.C., St. Patrick’s, and the master of ceremonies were, Fr’s. Henry Reed, C.C., and John Fahy, C.C., St. Finbarr’s South.