The Director of Pilgrimages is primarily involved in the organisation of the annual pilgrimages to Lourdes from the diocese. The main diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes is held every summer. Parish groups, individuals and anyone with a desire to be part of this faith journey is welcome to partake. An annual collection in the parishes of the diocese is used to assist needy people with travel expenses and subsidises the expenses of required medica, professional help as well as voluntary carers for the sick.

Director of Pilgrimages
Canon Jim O’Donovan PP.
The Presbytery, Ballinlough, Cork
Telephone 021-4292296

As the pilgrims who travel with the Cork and Ross pilgrimage are numerous it is necessary to have several planes to cater for the numbers. One of these planes is reserved for the sick who travel accompanied by the nurses and the doctors. 120 places are reserved for sick and special needs people travelling to Lourdes.

For Booking information for the June 2020 pilgrimage see here.

Visit Lourdes online at: www.lourdes-france.com