These are the accounts of funds in the trust of the Bishop of Cork and Ross. The records are maintained and accounts are prepared by Declan O’Connell & Co, chartered accountants, retained by the diocese. The accounts are independently audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Cork. The financial year of the Diocese up to June 2005 was to June 30th. In order to standardise the year-end for all diocesan and parish accounts, this has been changed to Dec 31st. Hence, the 2005 accounts cover the year to June 30th, 2005, but the 2006 accounts cover the 18-month period to Dec 31st, 2006. Thereafter, the reports cover a 12-month period to Dec 31st.


Year File

The accounts are presented in .pdf format. You can download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) by clicking here

Pastoral Report Template 2012:

Pastoral Report 2012

Parish Accounts Template 2012:

Parish Accounts Template 2012