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64th Annual Devotions at Lee Road Shrine

posted July 22 2015

On Saturday, 15th August next - the Feast of the Assumption - the Annual Devotions will take place at the Lee Road Shrine.
The general public will assemble near Our Lady's Hospital Gate before 6.30p.m. and march in procession to the Shrine reciting the 14 Mysteries of the Rosary on the way. Succeeding groups will follow at short intervals.
When all have arrived at the Shrine, the fifteenth... continue reading »

Cork and Ross Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2015

posted June 24 2015

The annual Cork and Ross Pilgrimage to Lourdes took place from the 11th to the 16th June. The pilgrimage was led by Bishop Buckley and Canon James O'Donovan. Upwards of 500 Pilgrims travelled with 115 sick and infirm who were accommodated in the hospital there.
60 Young Adult Helpers travelled and were involved in caring and assisting the sick and infirm. This group came from parishes from... continue reading »

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