“It suits all occasions, because it is uncluttered

“There is room for you to do what you want,” says Wendy Dagworthy, head of fashion and textiles at the Royal College of Art. “It suits all occasions, because it is uncluttered. It’s a school of aestheticism, quite like Bauhaus, for more thoughtful times.”.

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38, 835 (1965). L. “Negative group velocity Lamb waves on plates and applications to the scattering of sound by shells,” J. Take Rei Kawakubo’s spring/summer offering for Comme des Garons, where frothy rounds of creamy fabric bordered plain, childlike faces. Or Sarah Burton’s collection for Alexander McQueen, where fabric crept up from the body Cheap Prada, encased the skull and reached down on to the face. The finely woven lace in balmy pastel hues crafted a graceful softness from the macabre silhouette.

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