Bullying: In its letter to film critics about Blackfish

They climbed the hill to the primitive cathedral of the diocese, St. Raphael, to start the first school in the little village. Thus BVMs began their mission spreading out over the years along river routes, railroad lines and westward trails, establishing 55 schools in the Dubuque Archdiocese.

Bullying: In its letter to film critics about Blackfish, SeaWorld challenges the implication that unlike killer whales in the wild, killer whales in zoos or parks and specifically Tilikum, the whale involved in Dawn Brancheau’s death are routinely bullied by other whales. The word “bullying” is meaningless when applied to the behavior of an animal like a killer whale. Whales live in a social setting with a dominance hierarchy, both at SeaWorld and in the wild.

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