It takes a lot of thought, and prayer, before you can say with any degree of certainty that you should be a priest.

Vocation to Priesthood

Thinking about being a priest does not begin with a bolt of lightning! Most priests can’t tell exactly where their decision to become a priest began. It is a combination of many things, including the atmosphere in which one is reared, the influence of priests, the values which one acquires, one’s prayer life, reading, learning, reflecting…
One thing is for sure, it is never a snap decision. It takes time before you can arrive at a point of reasonable certainty that God is calling you to be a priest. Nonetheless, it is clear from the scriptures and from the history of Christianity that God does call people to this special life of service.

So how would you know?


The first thing to do is find out all you can about the life of a priest. Being a priest in a diocese, for example, is very different to being a priest in a monastery or on the missions abroad. Ask priests about their lives. Read what literature is available. Look up the links listed on this site.


Look out for Information Days organised by the Diocese to assist people in making their decisions.
It’s held in the Spring each year in Cork. This is a relaxed gathering of people who want more information about what’s involed in being a priest in Cork and Ross. It starts at 10.30am amd ends around 4 pm, with lunch included.

Further information about a vocation to priesthood or religious life is available

There is also a table of frequently asked questions – and answers – on diocesan priesthood at


Spend time in prayer asking God to help you know whether priesthood is for you. Read some of the passages of the bible that deal with Our Lord’s call to the prophets of the Old Testament and the Apostles and disciples of the New Testament. Ask family members and friends to also place you in their prayers.

Prayer for Vocations
Heavenly Father, we praise you and thank you for all you have done for us.
We thank you especially for sending your son, Jesus Christ, on earth to visit and save us.
We ask you to bless our families and all the members of the parish family, especially those who are suffering in any way.
May your love be upon us as we place all our hope in you.
May those in our parish whom you call to enter the priesthood and religious life have the generosity to follow your invitation so that those who need your help may always find it.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


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