Very Rev. Jeremiah Cummins PP


Parish Of Birth

Colleges Attended
St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth Co Kildare, Ireland

Details Of Ordination


Murragh and Templemartin PP : 1871 – 23/7/1892

South Parish CC : 1853 – 1871

Bandon CC : 1850 – 1853

Muintir Bhaire CC : 1849 – 1850

He was ordained in 1849 after five years of study at the request of Bishop Delany, Bishop of Cork. Bishop Delany requested the authorities in Maynooth to ordain from among his students in the College, one whom they they considered best qualified to cope with the state of affairs in a distant parish in the diocese that was being ravaged, not only by the wolf of famine, but by the fiercer one – the proselytiser.
Even though Jeremiah Cummins had not yet reached the canonical age for ordination, the authorities at Maynooth chose him for early ordination. In the month of March 1849, he was ordained and sent immediately as curate to Muintir Bhaire.
He was responsible for the building of the Church of St. John the Baptist, Newcestown (1872). His parish was too poor to raise even a tenth of the funds that were required. This did not deter him. In a few months he had collected in Ireland and England a sufficient sum to make a start. Amongst those who, although differing from him in religion, assisted him, were the Duke of Devonshire, Mr Henry W. Baldwin and Mr. James Baldwin, Mount Pleasant, Bandon.

He was uncle of the brothers, Fr. Laurence Cummins, C.C., Kinsale (1889-1900) & Fr.Daniel Cummins, Cp. (ret).

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
Parochial House, Newcestown, Co. Cork

Place Of Burial
St. John the Baptist Church Grounds, Newcestown, Co. Cork

His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. O’Callaghan, Bishop of Cork, presided at the Solemn Requiem Mass. The celebrant of the Mass was, Fr. Laurence Cummins, C.C., Kinsale (nephew); deacon was, Fr. Patrick Tracy, C.C., Ss. Peter & Paul’s; sub-deacon was, Fr. Daniel Cummins, C.C., Goleen(nephew), and the master of ceremonies was, Fr. James Brady, C.C., Dunmanway.