Very Rev. James Christopher (Christy) O’Flynn PP


Parish Of Birth

Colleges Attended
St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth Co Kildare, Ireland

Details Of Ordination
St. Patrick’s College Chapel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Passage West PP : 6/3/1946 – 18/1/1962

Cathedral CC : 20/10/1920 – 6/3/1946

St. Finbarr’s Seminary, Farranferris : 1917 – 1931

Chaplain, Lunatic Asylum : 3/3/1912 – 20/10/1920

St. Finbarr’s Seminary, Farranferris : 1909 – 1913

To many Cork people Fr. O’Flynn was known simply as “Flynnie”.
Fr. O’Flynn a legendary Irish figure, became internationally known for the methods he developed for overcoming speech defects after he had been featured by the B.B.C. in the edition of “It Happened to Me”, which was televised on January 17th. 1961. The film was awarded the Bronze Dove at the International Catholic Festival at Monte Carlo and has been sold to television stations in many lands, adding still further to the legend of Fr. O’Flynn.
Every Sunday morning – from 1924 onwards, he held a school of drama in a loft above a sweet factory in the Shandon area of Cork City.
This loft was for 30 years the domain of Fr. O’Flynn, who had been trained by a friend and pupil of Sir Henry Irving, a training which laid the foundations for his great love of Shakespeare. Ireland’s greatest Shakespearean actors came to the “Loft” and sat at the feet of the priest.
He took children with bad stammers and turned them into actors and actresses. Under his guidance sensitive children played full-blooded Shakespearean parts in the Cork Opera House.
In the back streets of Cork there was yet another picture of Fr. O’Flynn evident. It was said of him, “if a mother was sick, he’d go round and wash and dress the kids……. if a tough docker came home drunk and started beating his wife, they’d send for Fr. O’Flynn…… whether it was giving out money, washing the floor or keeping people in order, Fr. O’Flynn was the man for the job”

RTE named Fr. O’Flynn as one of the People of the Millennium in 2000.

For an insight into the life and work of Fr. O’Flynn we would recommend:
i. “Like a Tree Planted” — by Richard O’Donoghue.
ii. “Father O’Flynn – the well of love” by Raymond Smith.
iii. “Farranferris – The Heritage of St. Finbarr 1887 – 1987 – by J.C. Walsh p. 63/4.
iv. Hollybough 2003 p.28 (An Irish Examiner (Cork) Publication)

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
North Infirmary Hospital, Cork

Place Of Burial
St. Mary’s Church Grounds, Passage West, Co. Cork

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RTE named Fr. O’Flynn as one of the People of the Millennium in 2000.