Rev. Jeremiah J. Crowley CC


Parish Of Birth

Colleges Attended
St. Patrick’s College, Carlow Ireland

Details Of Ordination
St. Patrick’s College Chapel, Carlow, Co. Carlow

Ministry/New York : 1896

Murragh and Templemartin CC : 27/3/1892 – 1896

Goleen CC : 1888 – 27/3/1892

Ministry Abroad/America : 1886 – 1888

The following headline appeared in the Eagle and West Cork Advertiser on the 21/6/1890:

Prosecution of Fr. Crowley, C. C., Goleen – Charged with intimidating a Rector

Fr Crowley was charged, with having used intimidation towards Rev. Edward H. Hepley, Rector Toormore, and Sergeant Rourke, Dunmanus, because of their having given evidence as witnesses in a prosecution for drunkardness against Thomas Donovan, a Protestant Nationalist.
The intimidatory language was said to have been contained in an adresses delivered by Fr. Crowley in the chapel yard on the 4th May and 11th May, 1890.
The origin of the whole matter was the eviction of a respectable Protestant tenant named Bayley by the Church Body, and the evicted man got a hut erected for him on the lands of Thomas Donovan. The hut was built close to the Rev. Edward Hepley’s gate.
The trial was held in Bantry on Monday the 23/6/1890, having been adjourned from Schull on the previous Friday. After three days of hearings the magistrates convicted Fr. Crowley, on three charges of intimidation, and sentenced him under the Coercion Act to a month’s imprisonment on each charge, the sentences to run concurrently. At the expiration of the month he was ordered to give bail to be of good behaviour, or in default to go to gaol for six months.
Mr Shinkwin – counsel for Fr. Crowley, asked for the case to be stated, but it was refused. Fr. Crowley was then removed to Cork Gaol, and in Bantry and at all the principal stations along the line to Cork large crowds cheered him.
It is noteworthy that shortly after Fr. Crowley was incarcerated Mr. Bayley whose cause he advocated was reinstated, but the authorities still detained Fr. Crowley in gaol.
On Saturday, 24/1/1891, Fr Crowley was released from gaol after undergoing seven months imprisonment. For six months of the time he was a bail prisoner.
Following his release he remained a few days in the city of Cork before returning to receive a hero’s welcome in towns and villages enroute to Goleen.
On his release from gaol, Bishop O’Callaghan, Bishop of Cork appointed him as Chaplain to St. Maries of the Isle Convent in Cork City, however, at the request of the people of Goleen the Bishop reappointed him to Goleen in February 1891.