Most Rev. John Butler


Parish Of Birth
Grange, Co Tipperary (Cashel diocese)

Details Of Ordination
Latern Basilica, Rome

Bishop : 1763 – 1787

John Butler (1731-1800), was made Catholic Bishop of Cork in 1763, and in 1785 he unexpectedly found himself 12th Lord Dunboyne, a very prestigious Butler title. At the age of 70 he felt he should provide an heir. He petitioned Pope Pius VI for leave to marry, but was summarily refused. He renounced the Church and married his cousin, but there was no heir. On his deathbed, aged 84, he returned to the Church and, despite family opposition to his will, managed to leave, if not his castle of Dunboyne, at least a Dunboyne endowment, to Maynooth College, County Kildare.

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
Leeson Street, Dublin.

Place Of Burial
Augustinian friary in Fethard, Co. Tipperary.