Most Rev. John Baptist Sleyne


Parish Of Birth
Midleton, Co Cork

Details Of Ordination
Rouen, France

Bishop : 1693 – 1712

Was Bishop of Cork and Cloyne and Apostolic Administrator of Ross at the harshest period of the Penal Laws. He was one of only two bishops to minister in Ireland at the end of the 17th century. He ordained several bishops for Irish diocese before he was exiled. He was a hunted man and was brought before the courts in 1698 and 1701 for “remaining in the kingdom contrary to the law”. He spent at least five years in prison in Ireland.
He was eventually exiled in March 1703 to Portugal where he was given shelter in a Dominican community.
Though he sought permission to return to Ireland at 82 years so he could die at home, this petition was refused by the Queen Anne and he died in Portugal in 1712.

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
In exile in Portugal

Place Of Burial
Crypt of the Buom Successo convent, Portugal.