Most Rev. Alphonsus O’Callaghan OP


Parish Of Birth

Details Of Ordination
Minerva College, Rome

Bishop : 29/6/1884 – 14/6/1916

Born 1839 in Cork. Member of the Domican Order (Order of Preachers).

Date Of Death

Place Of Death

Place Of Burial
Dominican Plot, St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cork

His episcopate of Cork was less than a year old when Persico carried out his visitation. His report implied that he considered that it augured well for Cork. He spoke highly of him and obviously expected much from him.
“He is a man of scrupulous conscience and I believe he is moderate although Nationalist. He must, however, show himself to be full of zeal and energy seeing that the clergy are in great need of being looked after and the diocese in need of untiring and loving care. He must also show courage and independence at meetings (clerical conferences) and at the Episcopal Conference so that they can adopt resolutions for the religious good of Ireland.”
While Coadjutor Bishop of Cork he was appointed at general meeting of the Irish Hierarchy on October 1, 1884 to be Promoter of the cause of canonization or declaration of martyrdom of the Irish Prelates and other sufferers in the times of persecution.
In a letter to Kirby in 1890, he said the people of Cork were taking sides over Parnell, where the mob was for him while priests were hooted and insulted in the streets.
“The country and country towns have taken the opposite side (and) so have all the priests except one and he has lately retraced his steps and made a public apology ”
It is extraordinary that some even pious men and women have cast their lot with Parnell ??
He reported in the same letter that a shot was fired at Bishop John Healy of Clonfert and an attack was made on himself (O’Callaghan) but fortunately the man is pushing forward ?slipped at my feet, receiving a wound on his forehead?.
In 1906 he welcomed the Franciscans to their new house of studies in Cork.