The Sign of the Cross
Glory be to the Father
Morning Prayer
Night Prayer
Grace before Meals
Grace after Meals

Alive-O 2

All of the above, plus
Our Father
Hail Mary

Alive-O 3

All of the above, plus
Prayer to Jesus
Act of Sorrow*
Prayer for Forgiveness*
Prayer after Forgiveness*
Prayer to the Trinity
Prayers to Mary (2)
Prayers to the Holy Spirit (2)
Journey Prayer
Mass Responses*
Prayers before Communion*
Prayers after Communion*

*These prayers are particularly relevant to those children preparing for First Communion and First Penance.

Alive-O 4

All of the above

Alive-O 5

All of the above, plus
Comhartha na Croise
An Phaidir
‘Sé do Bheatha a Mhuire
Glóir don Athair
The Angelus
The Apostles’ Creed

Alive-O 6

All of the above, plus
St. Patrick’s Prayer
Paidir d’Íosa
Care for me Lord
We are the Body of Christ
Prayer to the Guardian Angel
Prayer before Playing
Prayer after Playing
Prayer on opening a Book
Prayer on closing a Book
Prayer on opening a Bible
Prayer on closing a Bible

Alive-O 7

All of the above, plus
Hail Holy Queen
Prayers to the Holy Spirit
Prayers for Sacrament of Reconciliation
Responses during the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation
(Sacramental classes only)

Alive-O 8

All of the above, plus
Abundance Prayer
Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Act of Love
Nicene Creed
Mass Responses