Marriage To Do List: 20 easy steps!

  1. Book the church.
  2. Book officiating priest.Decide whether to have Mass.
  3. Make an appointment with th elocal regstrar to give the formal three-months (can be given anytime up to three months before the date).
  4. Arrange Premarriage Preparation course.
  5. Plan reception (if desired).
  6. Order Papal blessing.(if desired)
  7. Arrange to have premarriage papers completed for both parties in yoour current parish(es) by priest(s).
  8. Plan the fromat of the ceremony with the officiating priest.
  9. Arrange for music/hymns.
  10. Contact those responsible for church decoration. (if desired)
  11. Plan and proof-read booklet. (if desired)
  12. Provide all the readers with copy of texts with which to practise.
  13. Purchase candle(s) for ceremony.
  14. Arrange rehearsal in the church with priest and readers.
  15. Designate someone the responsibility for bringing rings, coin(s)/gifts, candles, booklets, etc to the church on the day.
  16. Coordinate drivers to ensure timely arrival at church.(Plan for the bride to arrive 10 minutes before the time; photos will take 15 minutes).
  17. Assign people to welcome guests at church and usher them to their places. (Distribute booklets.)
  18. Deliver candle, rings, and coins/gifts to the altar before the ceremony begins.
  19. Deliver offerings/fees for priest and church services to the sacristy after the ceremony. (Usually doen by the best man.)
  20. Ensure that the Marriage Registration Form is delivered to civil authorities within one mnth of the date of marriage.