Handing on our Faith during Covid-19 pandemic

Children, parents, extended families, schools and parishes are especially affected by Covid-19. It resulted in schools being closed and the celebration of important faith days being postponed.

Thousands of children are waiting to celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion for the first time. Thousands more have had the Sacrament of Confirmation postponed.

The important task of preparing the children for these special moments and for a life-long appreciation of the sacraments continues. Parents and teachers are encouraged to continue to include the children’s religious education programme in their home learning.

The programme which the children follow is called Grow in Love and is published by Veritas who have made all the resources for teaching the programme available for free online.

Parents can now log-in to the Grow in Love website where they need a username and password, as follows:

Click here for the Grow in Love website
Username: trial@growinlove.ie Password: growinlove

How to use the resources

When in school, each child has their own workbook. All the workbooks are also online now and for free so that they may be used at home.

After logging–in to the website, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Book or Class relevant to the child eg Second Class/P4
  • Next choose a Theme (this is like a chapter) eg “Theme 6: At Mass we give thanks and receive Holy Communion
  • Each Theme has a number of Lessons eg “Lesson 2: At Mass we thank God”
  • In each Lesson there is a range of resources, short movie clips, music, worksheets, hymns and illustrations.
The resources available to teach and learn about Lesson 2, Theme 6, Second Class.

Here are the prayers which children learn with the support of parents and school. (From the Second Class workbook but applicable to all from that age upwards.)