Who will pray for the dead this year?

The month of November is a special time for praying for our relatives and parishioners who have died.

Because of Covid-19, parishioners and relatives will not be able to attend Masses and prayer services which are celebrated annually in early November for those who have died.

The Masses will be celebrated by the priests but without a congregation. Where possible, these Masses will be broadcast and live streamed. Gatherings for the blessing of graves in cemeteries may not be held either. The graves will be blessed privately by priests.

People will still be able to visit the burial places of their loved ones and are encouraged to pray there alone or with others from their household.

A prayer leaflet has been made available by the Office for Mission and Ministry of the Diocese which people can use as their prayer. (It can be downloaded and printed or read on one’s device.)

Click below to view or download it.