Cork churches reach across the miles on St. Patrick’s Day

Even with restrictions prohibiting people from coming to Mass, more people will be connected to their parishes this year than ever before on St. Patrick’s Day.

Catholic parishes across the Diocese of Cork and Ross are making a special effort this year to remember and pray for all their people who are feeling the loss of family and special occasions. 

The majority of parishes are now live streaming their Masses and other services and are connecting with former parishioners across the globe, many of whom like to join their native community for Sunday Mass.

While parades and social gatherings cannot happen this year, Irish people across the globe can still join in prayer and renew and strengthen the shared gift of faith which St. Patrick brought to our shores. 

St. Patrick’s Day looms and people have not been home, promised visits have not been made, family events such as weddings and baptisms have not been held.

The Covid19 pandemic has stretched our connections with people who are far away and even with family members who are close but can’t be visited.

Still, on St. Patrick’s Day, Irish people celebrate our Christian heritage and our sense of being one people even if we are spread across the globe.

Links to parishes who live stream Mass