This appears to be something of a controversy; I have already

Another big surprise: the NC$$ produces a report that shows that the money making sports make a lot of money, and the also rans are a financial drain. Does the report give any consideration in the figures for the multiple uses (or non uses) of costly facilities? Does it discuss how the entire university and the surrounding community benefits from the presence of a pool or a track or an athletic field (unlike the fields and courts for the revenue sports, which are generally off limits to anyone without God’s permission to walk on the hallowed grounds or hardwood). Does it mention, for example Christian Louboutin, that pools are used by the entire student body, the water polo team, and frequently are also rented out to club swim programs for use when the swim team is not practicing? Or that schools will make their athletic facilities available for all sorts of high school and youth sports events and tournaments? I would be shocked to find out that local youth basketball tournaments are held on the varsity court at Rupp Arena, or that a youth football championship was played within view of Touchdown Jesus.

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