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DESIGNER SHOWCASE: Through May 2. A 2,500 square foot Hendersonville loft at 106 N. Main St. The best: Once you take a boat into the interior of the Napa Sonoma Marsh, you see only birds 200 species have been spotted and no people. At high tides, you can run a powerboat throughout the area sloughs. At low tides, you be grounded in the mud.

replica oakleys By CARROLL DU CHATEAUIn a profession where doctors and managers alike tend to pussyfoot around the blindingly obvious, forensic psychiatrist Dr David Chaplow is as refreshing as a cool, effervescent glass of Perrier.For 23 years Chaplow, one of the least politically correct and most effective people in the business, has worked at the sharp, tough end of mental health care.As director of Auckland’s Mason Clinic for the criminally insane, his clients included people such as the nurse who, after hearing voices, killed her elderly patients by beating them and kicking them down the steps of their Paratai Drive home.As the director of Regional Psychiatric Services responsible for the development of regional forensic services for Auckland, Chaplow has also put together one of the best forensic mental health services in the world.Six weeks ago Chaplow, now 56, was promoted to the two top mental health jobs in the country. As Director of Mental Health he is responsible for the way the Mental Health Act is used, both in the community and by the country’s 22 directors of mental health.As he describes it, “People who care for people are accountable to me.”But it is his second role as Chief Adviser, mental health, to the ministry, which is possibly more important, cheap oakleys signalling a long awaited stiffening of attitude towards mental health policy at government level.You can pick Chaplow’s straight shooter style throughout the past decade. After the release of an 188 page report into the treatment of diagnosed schizophrenic Johnny Manu in July last year, Chaplow did not take the politically acceptable line expected from a psychiatrist of his standing. replica oakleys

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fake oakleys So suffice it to say I won buy polarized again. But what I am curious about now are the new prizm lenses and how they work. PRIZM is all about environment/activity specific color tuning. This is only the latest episode in the long history of US intervention in Somalia, dating back to the 1970s and its support for the brutal dictatorship of Siad Barre, whom Washington maintained as a counterweight to Soviet influence in neighboring Ethiopia. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Washington no longer needed Barre as a pawn in the Cold War. It withdrew its support, leading to the regime’s collapse and the descent of the country into clan based civil war fake oakleys.