Bishop Fintan, Poor Clare Sisters and Dominicans lead prayers on Tues 2nd online

The 2020 prayers for the Day for Consecrated Life were at the Cathedral. The 2021 prayers will be at the enclosed Poor Clare Sisters community in Cork and anyone can join online at

The Day for Consecrated Life celebrates the commitment of the women and men who have devoted their lives to service of God and his people in religious life.

It falls on February 2nd each year. This year it’s on a Tuesday.

Last year, Bishop Fintan Gavin invited members of the religious communities in the diocese to join him for prayers and a gathering at the Cathedral.

In 2021, due to Covid19 restrictions, it is being broadcast to all religious communities and across the diocese to everyone via a live stream. (The link will be on this site on Tuesday.)

It is prayed at the Monastery of the Poor Clare Sisters in Cork who pray from their cloistered section of the chapel. In the public part of the chapel, the prayers and psalms come from the novices of the Dominican Community in Pope’s Quay, Cork.

Bishop Fintan invites everyone across the diocese to join in the Evening Prayer (Vespers) at 5pm on Feb 2nd.

To join in, click this YouTube link: