Ann hands on baton of Cathedral choir

The retirement of Ann Roche as conductor of the Cathedral Choir was celebrated recently in the presence of Bishop Fintan Gavin, Canon John O Donovan, Fr. Sean Crowley and members of the choir.

Bishop Fintan Gavin with Anne Roche, former conductor of the North Cathedral Choir.

Ann, who initially was asked to stand in as conductor for a six-week period, stayed on for 30 years and her commitment to music in the Cathedral throughout those years was recalled and celebrated. 

Ann also taught in the North Presentation Convent School and is remembered with great fondness and deep affection by her many pupils. Her deep devotion to the choir was evident in all that she did. The Tuesday night rehearsals, while being occasions of happiness, companionship and joy, also demonstrated her profound respect for the liturgy and nothing short of excellence would suffice for the participation of the choir in the Mass. 

Ann collaborated with her comrade in arms, organist Joe Higgins, to fill the Cathedral with music and song. She was also so adept at managing her choir, she insisted on quality engagement and her own faith and deep respect for the Liturgy was evident at all times. 

She conducted her choir in times of sadness and happiness. She supported her choristers through the solemnity of Holy Week to the glory of Easter Sunday and the joy of Christmas Eve and was at all times so kind and caring.

Ann has now passed on the baton to one of her former choristers, Susan Ormond, who will continue to uphold the tradition of the choir and continue the work of supporting and enhancing the various liturgies in the Cathedral.

We thank Ann for her thirty years of diligence and commitment and wish her and her family every blessing for the future. Thank you for the music Ann.