Announced the changes as it met in New York with investors

The exact mechanism by which BAG 1 participates in anti apoptosis is currently unknown. The N terminus seems to be important for BAG 1 to bind to hormone receptors (Froesch et al., 1998; Kullmann et al. Cheap Celine Handbags, 1998), transcription factors such as c Fos (Zeiner et al., 1997) and certain DNA promoters such as CMV promoter (Takahashi et al. Cheap Celine, 2001). Our transfection experiments with BAG 1 isoforms showed that BAG 1 p46 had the strongest ability to suppress apoptosis, followed by BAG 1 p50 and p33, while BAG 1 p29 had no activity in anti apoptosis.

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