As well as the ordinary collections for the parish funds taken up every Sunday, there are special diocese-wide collections taken up on some weekends and Good Friday to aid projects of the local and universal Church.They are listed here:

Lourdes Invalid Fund
This collection subsides the Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes for individuals whose health and/or means would otherwise prevent them from travelling to Lourdes. It also subsidises the travel of essential care personnel. It is administered by Canon Jim O’Donovan, The Presbytery, Ballinlough, Cork.

(Good Friday) Holy Places (in the Holy Land)
The collection taken up at the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday is sent to the custodians of the places in the Holy Land where Our Lord? Passion took place. These funds are used to maintain the Holy Places.

Irish Bishops’ Commissions
This collection helps fund the work of the Irish Bishops’ Conference and its agencies and commissions.
List of the agencies and commissions

Parish Pastoral Services
This collection part-funds the training of parish assemblies and parish pastoral councils and funds on-going support programmes for parishes provided through the Pastoral Development Office.

Peter’s Pence
The Peter’s Pence collection is sent to Rome. It is used by the pope to support special charitable projects in developing countries as well as defraying expenses of the work of the Church.
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Education/Students of the Priesthood
The proceeds of the collection go to the Diocesan Education Fund which meets the cost of seminarians’ fees at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, and also contributes to post-graduate studies of priests of the diocese.

Propagation of The Faith (Missions)
This Mission Sunday collection goes to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith and is used to support the young churches throughout the world in the establishment of parishes, dioceses, training of catechists and building of seminaries, etc.

Marriage Care Collection
This Marriage Care Collection supports the work of C.M.C.C. and Accord in the diocese

  2017 2018  2019 
Diocesan Needs January 15th January 21st January 20th
Lourdes Invalid Fund February 12th February 11th February 10th
Irish Bishops Commissions March 12th March 11th March 10th
Holy Places April 14th March 30th April 19th
Clergy Collection (Easter) April 16th April 1st April 21st
Diocesan Needs April 30th April 15th April 14th
Parish Pastoral Services May 14th May 13th May 12th
World Meeting of Families May 28th May 27th May 26th
Peter’s Pence June 25th June 24th June 30th
Diocesan Needs July 16th July 15th July 14th
Priesthood Education September 24th September 30th September 29th
Diocesan Needs October 8th October 14th October 13th
Propagation of the Faith October 22nd October 21st October 20th
Marriage Support November 19th November 18th November 17th
Clergy Collection (Christmas) December 25th December 25th December 25th

1.  There is no (Second) Special Collection on the first Sunday of each month to facilitate the monthly church door collection of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.