Very Rev. Thomas Barry PP


Parish Of Birth

Colleges Attended
St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth Co Kildare, Ireland

Details Of Ordination
St. Patrick’s College Chapel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

South Parish PP : 1847 – 3/12/1853

Bantry PP : 1822 – 1847

Passage West PP : 1812 – 1822

South Parish CC : 1810 – 1812

Appointed Vicar Capitular of the Diocese of Cork on the death of Bishop John Murphy on the 1st April, 1847.
His name, with the names of Fr. Theobald Mathew and Fr. William Delany, was forwarded to the Holy See for the vacant See of Cork. The latter named was appointed bishop of Cork (1847-1886).

For a more detailed insight into life and times of Fr. Barry, we would recommend:
(a) ‘A history of the Diocese of Cork – from the Penal Era to the Famine’ , by Evelyn Bolster, p. 264, 295, 313, 315, 319.
(b)‘A history of the Diocese of Cork – the Episcopate of William Delany, 1847 – 1886’ , by Evelyn Bolster, p. 3 – 12.
His memorial tablet may be seen in the northern transept of St. Finbarr’s (South) Church, Cork City.

Date Of Death