Very Rev. Daniel Foley PP


Parish Of Birth

Timoleague PP : 1849 – 1859

In 1849, the present day Diocese of Ross became an independant Diocese, having been united with the Diocese of Cloyne since 1748. After 1849, some of the priests in the Diocese of Ross might have spent much of their clerical ministry working in parishes in what are now part of the present day Diocese of Cloyne. For instance, we find Fr. Daniel Foley as a curate in Newmarket (1835), Conna (1843), Macroom (1844), Ballyvourney (1847) – all parishes in the present day Cloyne Diocese, also Barryroe (1838), Rosscarbery (1840) – all parishes in the present day Diocese of Cloyne, prior to his appointment at Parish Priest of Timoleague (1849).

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
Timoleague, Co. Cork

Place Of Burial
Ballyhooly, Co. Cork

On the 25th inst., the Rev. Mr. Foley, P.P., Timoleague – seldom has the grave closed on a more amiable gentleman – firm in principle, pure in morals, human in feeling, benevolent in heart – he pre-eminently possessed all those amiable qualities calculated to adorn the character of a devoted Priest. He died as he lived, in peace with God and man, and in the odour of sanctity. His remains were removed to Ballyhooly, accompanied by his sorrowful flock, and by the protestant gentry of the County. Requiescat in Pacem. – Cork Examiner, April, 2nd, 1858.