Rev. William Rogers


Parish Of Birth

Details Of Ordination


Ministry Abroad/Demerara, British Guiana(Guyana)

Ss. Peter & Paul’s CC : 1827 – 1834

Copy of a letter from the Right Reverend Dr. Murphy, Bishop of Cork, to the Fr. William Rogers.

Cork, Sept. 12th. 1834

Rev. Dear Sir, The spiritual wants of the R. Catholics of Demerara have been represented to me from many quarters in so strong a point of view that I am reluctantly compelled to resign your services as a very useful assistant in the Diocess [sic] of Cork and to permit you to place yourself under the jurisdiction of the Right Reverend Dr. MacDonnell.
An authenticated copy of the letter of the Rev. Mr. Hynes, his Lordship’s Vic. Gen., has been presented to me and furnishes me with sufficient authority to accede to your zealous wishes of exercising your ministry in favor of the R. C. inhabitants of Demerara. When you shall have communicated with the parties commissioned in this case, the necessary official documents will be furnished to you by………….
Your faithful Servt In Christ
+John Murphy, R. C. Bishop

Date Of Death