Mgr. Henry Neville PP VG


Parish Of Birth
South Parish

Colleges Attended
St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth Co Kildare, Ireland

Details Of Ordination
St. Patrick’s College Chapel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

South Parish PP : 1875 – 15/12/1889

Catholic University, Dublin/Rector : 1879 – 1883

Passage/Monkstown PP : 1867 – 1875

St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth/Prof. Theology : 1852 – 1867

St Patrick’s College, Maynooth/Prof. Philosphy : 1850 – 1852

Cathedral CC : 1847 – 1850

Retired from Maynooth on health grounds.

Appointed Vicar General (VG) of the Diocese.
He received the dignity of Monsignour of the First Order and the title of Roman Prelate from Pope Leo X111 in 1883.
Catholic University of Ireland

The years after Catholic Emancipation in Ireland (1829) while pocked with intermittent political upheaval, famine and emigration, saw the majority population gradually gain a foothold on the rungs of education and influence.
In 1854, the movement spearheaded by Cardinal Cullen and led by John Henry Cardinal Newman, succeeded in opening the doors of a new university, which would make higher level education accessible to a broad sweep of Irish people.
The Catholic University opened its doors on the feast of St Malachy, 3 November 1854. On that day the names of seventeen students were entered on the register; the first name entered was that of Daniel O’Connell, grandson of the Liberator.
The university opened with three houses: 86 St Stephen’s Green, which was known as St Patrick’s or University House, under the care of Rev. Dr Michael Flannery; 16 Harcourt Street, known as St Lawrence’s under the care of Rev. Dr James Quinn, who also had his school there; and Newman’s own house, 6 Harcourt Street, known as St Mary’s under Newman’s personal supervision.
In 1861, Dr Bartholomew Woodlock was appointed Rector and served until he became Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise in 1879.
In 1879 Monsignor Henry Neville, Dean of Cork was appointed Rector (while still retaining his role as Parish Priest at St. Finbarr’s (South Parish), Cork ).

He was a nephew of the poet J.J.Callanan.

For an insight into the life and times of Monsignor Neville – cf. A history of the Diocese of Cork, the Episcopate of William Delany 1847 – 1886, by Evelyn Bolster, p.13, 121, 123, 131, 242-243, 248, 257, 278, 283 – 291ff., 295, 300, 301.

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
The Presbytery, 32 South Terrace, Cork

Place Of Burial
St. Michael’s Church Vaults, Blackrock, Cork

The Most Rev. Dr. O’Callaghan, O.P., Bishop of Cork was the celebrant of the Solemn Requiem Mass at St. Finbarr’s South; deacon was Fr. Henry Reed, C.C., South Parish; sub-deacon was, Fr. John Daly, Chaplain, Sisters of Mercy, Cork, and the masters of the ceremonies were Fr. John Fahy, C.C., South Parish and Fr. Francis O’Connor, South Parish Sacristan.