Archdeacon James Bastible PP VG


Parish Of Birth

Colleges Attended
Pontifical Irish College Rome, Italy.

Details Of Ordination

Retired ex St Patrick’s, Lower Rd : 12/6/1984

St. Patricks (Lower Rd.) PP : 16/12/1961 – 12/6/1984

Bantry PP : 14/12/1959 – 16/12/1961

Lecturer U.C.C./Medical Ethics : 1952 – 14/12/1959

Dean of Residence/ U.C.C. : 30/6/1938 – 14/12/1959

Diocesan Inspector Cork : 1/10/1931 – 30/6/1938

Ministry Abroad/Southwark : 1927 – 1931

St. Peter’s College, Wexford/Prof. Dogma : 1925 – 1927

Appointed Canon of the Cathedral Chapter on the 5/7/1954.
Appointed Archdeacon of Cork on the 3/3/1970.
Appointed Vicar General of Cork on the 15/6/1973.
Appointed Dean of Cork on the 5/10/1976.

For over a quarter of a century, Dean Bastible guided the development of the Cork Polio and General Aftercare Association as its chairman and it was his work with this association and other voluntary bodies in Cork which prompted Cork Corporation to confer the Freedom of the City upon him on January 24th, 1987.
The following citation accompanied the conferring the Freedom of the City. “In recognition and appreciation of his long and outstanding services to so many voluntary organisations, particularly those organisations involved in the care of the mentally handicapped, disabled and the poor of the city, and of his magnificent contribution as chairman for 25 years of the Cork Polio & General Aftercare Association and as chairman for 23 years of St. Patrick’s Branch Sick Poor Society; and by honouring Dean Bastible to express the gratitude and appreciation of the citizens for the enormous contribution made by all voluntary organisations to the welfare, health, care and housing of the underprivileged, disabled and poor of the community.”
Another Freeman of the City, Bishop Cornelius Lucey, had asked Dean Bastible to involve himself with Cork Polio. In his time, he ensured the successful development of the association’s complex at Montenotte, the opening of Queen of the Angels, Scoil Bernadette, St. Paul’s, the Vocational Training Centre. Then came the establishment of the HELP Industries and the social and recreational centres.
He was Dean of Residence and Lecturer in Medical Ethics at U.C.C for twenty-one years, during which time his influence reached many thousands of students. His sharp and incisive mind was not easily confined to the lecture halls. He was author of Radio Talks on Politics (Cork University Press, 1944), and Lectures on Medical Ethics for Nursesin the Irish Nursing News 1942-43. he also edited the English edition of Fundamentals of Catholic Doctrine(Mercier Press, 1957).

Date Of Death

Place Of Death
Bon Secours Hospital, Cork

Place Of Burial
St. Finbarr’s Cemetery, Cork