Marriage at the Honan Chapel, Cork

The Honan collegiate Chapel was built in 1916, from the estate of the Honan Family, for the scholars and students of Munster. The Chapel may be booked for weddings through the Chaplaincy, University College Cork (UCC), during normal business hours. The enclosed application form and fee should be returned to that office at least three months before the date of the wedding.

The Chapel does not receive funding from the public, the University or from Church sources and is dependent for its upkeep on the fee for marriage set by the Governors of the Honan. The current fee (July 2003) for the use of the Honan Chapel is €250. Cheques should be made payable to: The Governors of the Honan Hostel.

Preparation for Marriage

Approach the priest of your home parish, at least three months in advance, to make arrangements regarding documentation and pre-marriage course.

The following documents are required:

  • Baptismal (must be issued within six months of the date of the marriage) and Confirmation Certificates for both parties.
  • Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms for both parties.
  • Pre-Marriage Course Certificate.
  • Civil Notification Receipt: State legislation requires that you give notice to the State Registrar at Adelaide Court, Adelaide Street, Cork (Tel: 021-4275126) at least three months prior to your wedding at the Honan Chapel.
  • Marriage Papers from abroad should be forwarded through the Bishop’s Office of the diocese abroad to: The Reverend Secretary, Cork and Ross Offices, Redemption Road, Cork, for clearance. A certified translation of foreign language papers is required.

The above documents (for both parties) should be sent by the bride’s Parish Priest to: Fr. Tom Forde,
Dean of the Honan Chapel,
University College,

These must arrive eight weeks in advance of the wedding date. A booking cannot be taken as confirmed until all the documents are complete and in order.


It is essential that you engage your own parish clergy or relative/friend to officiate at your ceremony. By order of the Bishop of Cork and Ross, a celebrant from outside the Diocese must present a Celebret from his Bishop or Superior. Please inform your celebrant of this requirement.

Time When The Chapel Is Open

The Honan Chapel is open Monday through Saturday from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.
During term, there are Masses Monday to Friday at 1.05pm.
The Chapel is open for 12 noon Mass only on Sundays during term.


Couples wishing to rehearse their marriage ceremony should make arrangements through the Chaplaincy Office, UCC (Tel: 021-4902459). ALL REHEARSALS MUST BE FINISHED BY 7.00PM.

Time Of Ceremony

As there are often a number of weddings on the one day, it is essential that each ceremony would start punctually. This is a courtesy to other couples who are being married on the day.

Music & Singing

You are welcome to provide your own musicians/singers. The chapel organ is available for your use.


Florists should be informed that flower arrangements are to be made up beforehand and brought ready for placing.
Florists must supply their own pedestals for flower arrangements.
Two pair of vases will be available in the small room adjacent to the Sacristy which is accessible through the door at top left-hand side of the Chapel. Additional vases should be supplied by florist.
Vases are not to be removed from the chapel.
Neither adhesive tape nor Pritt nor glue nor drawing pins is to be used for attaching bouquets to the seats.
Flowers are not to be placed in or attached to the holy water font.

Church Furniture

Under no circumstances should church furniture be removed.
Candelabra: For those who are using a ceremony of light, there is a candleabra available in the Honan. Please provide your own candles (regular size).

Car Parking

No parking is provided. A designated space is provided for the bridal car. Entry is from O’Donovan’s Road immediately below the Chapel, through the grounds of “Leeholme”.


Post Wedding Information

The Church Certificate of your marriage may be obtained by writing to Sacristan, Honan Chapel, University College, Cork, enclosing a fee of €5.