How might all voices be heard about Church?

There is a trend in our country to build new multi-level buildings for people. But we’ve been so used to bungalows and two-story houses! Changing a mind-set takes time!So how do we go about changing the dominant mindset about how the Catholic Church is shaped?

We’re used to thinking top-down or hierarchically. Ireland’s Catholic Bishops have announced first steps in a process to change this perception and this reality.

So how do we bring about a faith community where everyone has an equally respected and valued voice?This is what the bishops – and Pope Francis – are calling ‘synodality’.

The hope is to have everyone share their insights on the Catholic Church in Ireland and through that process also bring about renewal.But that prompts a first question: how might that happen? What methods might be useful to create this ‘conversation’?

The bishops are asking for suggestions on that first question between now and Pentecost Sunday (May 23rd).

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